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About Veronica
Veronica's area of expertise is helping realtors fund their client’s purchases, and helping mortgage brokers get their not-so-perfect deals funded with hard money loans throughout California. She is also a coach and service provider in digital marketing for busy real estate professionals and inspiring entrepreneurs.

 In 2014, Veronica moved to San Francisco from Los Angeles to implement an after-school program that was invented by kids called 15 Seeds. This program was developed during a documentary she produced called Tomorrow's Roundtable, where kids addressed the education crisis. They came up with a principle-based approach to learning that included multi-sensory learning, individual pacing, no curriculum and tools and resources needed to make kids' dreams come true.

She was responsible for development, logistics, branding and marketing 15 Seeds. Through 15 Seeds, The Young Hustlers was born. The Young Hustlers is a lifestyle brand developed by 12 & 13-year-olds from Bayview-Hunter's Point in San Francisco. They learned about business development, financial literacy, marketing, branding and developed an app and created apparel to sell at various street fairs and festivals around the Bay Area. This is the program that inspired Veronica to launch her own nonprofit- The Little CEOs to continue the work.

In her earlier career, Veronica served as the escrow officer at a full-service mortgage banking firm specializing in the origination, investment sale, and servicing of all types of privately placed real estate loans. She oversaw transactions, gathered and generated loan documents, and implemented organization among multiple loan files simultaneously. Veronica served as the liaison between clients and financial institutions to obtain proper information, monitored incoming wires and disbursed funds to creditors, financiers, & title companies, as well as provided lender assistance to the CEO & President. 

While she was in San Francisco, she returned to real estate, but this time on the home selling side and eventually moved back to Los Angeles to do the same, before returning to her roots in hard money lending.

Veronica is ecstatic to finally blend her curiosity with youth entrepreneurship and expertise in financing and digital marketing by providing her services in all three sectors.
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To learn how our team can help you sell your home for top dollar.
To offer creative financing with the most flexible mortgage fund in California to mortgage brokers and real estate agents to get their not-so-perfect deals funded. 

Currently, Veronica is licensed as an NMLS endorsed mortgage loan originator at Marquee Funding Group, Inc., a hard money lending company, which has funded over $1 Billion in real estate transactions throughout the years. 
To teach real estate professionals how to market themselves online with the most cutting edge tools and products that will make them money and help them live the life they've always imagined,
This solo venture was established to further expand Veronica's curiosity and passion for digital marketing. Instead of just continue to grow her flourishing career in the real estate market, she has decided to share her expertise with real estate professionals nationwide so they can experience the same, if not greater, results. 
To teach entrepreneurship skills and mindset tactics to youth in Los Angeles, and prepare them for adulthood.  The nonprofit is a two-fold process. The first is a vegan dessert company to teach the youth on-the-job training skills and help raise money and awareness for the nonprofit. The second is a startup incubator, where the youth come up with business ideas and use the tools and resources provided to take them from idea to launch.
The Little CEOs is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) operating in the state of California. Veronica is the Founder and President and leverages her real estate commissions to donate to the nonprofit. She welcomes her real estate colleagues to also offer a portion of their commissions to further advance the mission of The Little CEOs, if they so choose to.
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